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The Kata of Shotokan

The style of Shotokan contains many kata.  Most have changed over the years but the
basics remain the same.  No matter what school you go to you will see differences in the
execution of each Kata as well as the order in which they are performed.  Here is a list of
the Shotokan Kata as well as some info on each:

- Taikyoku Shodan: This is the most basic Kata in Shotokan.  
- Heian Shodan: "Peaceful Mind One"  The first of the Heian series.
- Heian Nidan: "Peaceful Mind Two" The second of the Heian series.
- Heian Sandan: "Peaceful Mind Three"
- Heian Yandan: "Peaceful Mind Four"
- Heian Godan: "Peaceful Mind  Five"
- Tekki Shodan: "Iron Horse Riding" The first in this series of Kata.
- Tekki Nidan: "Iron Horse Riding Two"
- Tekki Sandan: "Iron Horse Riding Three"
- Bassai-Dai: "To Penetrate a Fortress" the only offensive Kata is Shotokan.
- Gankaku: "Crane on a Rock"
- Empi: "Flying Swallow"
- Kwanku-Dai: "To Look to the Sky" Also known as Kanku-Dai
- Hangetsu: "Half Moon"
- Jion: meaning unknown
- Jutte: "Ten Hands"
- Bassai-Sho: The Lesser Bassai
- Kwanku-Sho: The Lesser Kwanku
- Chinte: Thought to have originated as a folk dance.
- Sochin: "Grand Suppression"
- Nijushiho: "Twenty-four Directions"
- Meikyo: "Bright Mirror"
- Gojushiho-Dai: "54 Directions"
- Gojushiho-Sho: "The Lesser Gojushiho"
- Unsu: "Cloud Hand"
- Wankan: "Kings Crown" also known as Matsukaze
- Jiin: "Temple Grounds"

here to download movies of each Kata, courtesy of the USF Karate Club

The Heian Kata were originally the Okinawan Pinan Katas.  Funakoshi changed the name
so that Japanese students would accept them.  In fact, most of the Katas are originally
Okinawan Katas known by different names:

Heian Katas = Pinan.  Heian Shodan is Pinan Nidan, and Heian Nidan is Pinan Shodan.  
Funakoshi flipped these around to make it easier for school students to learn.
Tekki Katas = Naihanchi
Bassai = Passai
Gankaku = Okinawan Chinto
Empi = Wanshu
Kwanku (Kanku) = Kusanku
Meikyo = Rohai.  There are multiple versions of Rohai. Meikyo is a "Shotokanized" version
of one of them.
Matsukaze = Wankan (Okinawan)
Koketsu Dojo of
Shotokan Karate